Nyonya Supper Club

Despite having travelled the world in search of the best eats and completing my culinary training at Le Cordon Bleu, there’s still no cuisine closer to my heart than the Malaysian Nyonya food from my childhood.

Also known as Straits-Chinese or Peranakan cuisine, the term ‘Nyonya’ generally refers to the descendants of 15th and 16th century Chinese immigrants who moved to Malaya from Southern China. As they settled in Malaya, a new breed of Malaysian cuisine combining Chinese and Malay influences emerged, incorporating local ingredients such as chillies, lemongrass and fermented shrimp paste (‘belacan’) amongst others. All this makes for food with a balance, depth and complexity of flavours like no other.

Growing up in Malaysia, I was lucky enough to be nurtured with some of the finest Nyonya cuisine in the comfort of our family home, all lovingly prepared by my godmother who hails from Penang. Over the years, I have watched her every move in the kitchen, soaking up recipes and techniques that have been passed down through the generations. And it’s through this Malaysian Nyonya Supper Club, hosted out of my home in Aldgate East or selected Pop-up venues across London that I hope to share with you my passion for all things Nyonya over a multi-course tasting menu.

Upcoming Supper Club Dates 

We are back hosting Supper Clubs at some of our favourite Pop-Up venues around London such as the Hackney Chinese Community Services centre as well as Sambal Shiok Laksa Bar. Please follow us on our instagram (@guan_chua) or drop us an email (guanleong(AT)gmail(DOT)com) to be added to my Supper Club newsletter to hear about any upcoming events.

Past/Upcoming events are below:

CHINESE NEW YEAR  EXTRAVAGANZA (@OishinBoy |X| @Guan_Chua at @SambalShiok – Feb 2022

Nyonya Supper Club @HackneyChinese Community Services – May 2022

Cantonese-Nyonya Pop-Up (@FeedTheTang |X| @Guan_Chua) at @HackneyChinese Community Services – July 2022

Nyonya Supper Club @HackneyChinese Community Services – Aug 2022

@OishinBoy |X| @Guan_Chua Pop up @ HCCS – Oct 2022

@TheAdobros |X| @Guan_Chua Pop Up @ HCCS – Nov 2022

Nyonya Supper Club @HackneyChinese Community Services – Nov 2022

@TiffCooksALot |X| @Guan_Chua Pop Up @ HCCS – Dec 2022

CHINESE NEW YEAR  EXTRAVAGANZA (@OishinBoy |X| @Guan_Chua at @SambalShiok – Jan 2023

@RangoonSisters X @Guan_Chua Pop Up at HCCS – Sat Mar 4th 2023

Nyonya Supper Club @HackneyChinese Community Services – Mar 18th 2023

@JokeBakare X @Guan_Chua Pop Up at HCCS – Sat Apr 1st 2023

Nyonya Supper Club @HackneyChinese Community Services – Apr 15th 2023

** We are taking a break from Home Supper Clubs until further notice **

Home Supper Clubs

Minimum donation of £60 / person to cover food cost and effort. It’s 10 seats per session so get in there quick if there are any remaining spaces! All events are BYO wine / beer and start at 7pm.

If you’d like to be informed of future sessions or added to the waitlist for any of the above dates (should there be last minute cancellations), drop me an e-mail at guanleong(AT)gmail(DOT)com and I will add you to the Supper Club’s Mailing list (see full details of our Privacy Policy here).

Aldgate East, Aldgate and Tower Hill underground stations are all within a 10 minute walk from my home. Address details will be made available once a booking is confirmed.

How do I Book / Attend?

Please email me at guanleong(AT)gmail(DOT)com with the subject line ‘Malaysian Nyonya Supper Club’. A deposit of £30 per guest (via Internet Bank transfer & deducted from your minimum donation amount on the night) is required to secure your booking. Please also include all the below info in your e-mail:

  • Date you’d like to attend
  • Number of guests in your group
  • Guests’ names e-mail contacts
  • Any allergies/dietary requirements for you & your party (substitutions will be made where possible. Due to the small scale nature of the supper club however, it will not be possible to cater specifically for vegetarians or serious shellfish/nut allergies)
  • Mobile number (required for the lead member of the group making the booking only)

LATE CANCELLATIONS hurt! Apart from the obvious wasted food and effort, empty seats also affect the ambience of the supper club. Please provide at least 72 hours notice if you can’t make it (or get a friend to come in your place). Provided I can get the seats filled by somebody else, I’m more than happy to return your deposit (otherwise, the deposit will go towards covering the cost of the event).

What should I expect?

10 guests round the table. Up to 8 traditional Malaysian and Nyonya-inspired courses, all served in the middle for sharing as it would be at my family’s dinner table. Below is a sample menu and sneak peek of some of the dishes you can expect.

New to the whole Supper Club thing? Do have a read of this excellent write-up here about what to expect.

Sample menu

Hope to see you soon at one of the upcoming sessions!