One score and seven years ago…

…this boy was brought into this world. And he’s still eating it.

Good friends. G&Ts + beers aplenty. A spread of my favourite Nyonya and Asian home-cooked dishes.  And a flaming Tiramisu birthday cake courtesy of the better half. Here’s the highlight reel from a storm of a 27th birthday cookout featuring some of my fondest recipes on this blog… from Sambal Udang, to Kerabu ChickenXinjiang-style Lamb to 5 spice Honey Roast Chicken with a Momofuku-style Vinaigrette.

Turning another year older ain’t so bad after all. Thanks for all the lovely birthday messages and well-wishes from family and friends round the world!


p.s. All photography on this post is courtesy of Jo. Now I just have to convince her to share her coveted Tiramisu recipe with all of us =).