Snö @ Pavillion KL

It takes some serious guts and enterprise to wave goodbye to the comforts of a stable day job and go-it-alone in starting up a new business venture. For most people (myself included), the idea of a start-up and being your own boss remain a whimsical dream. A couple of my friends though have blazed the trail in this regard and given the rest of of us dreamers a little inspiration and food for thought…

The brainchild of cousin-team Hann and Luc, its all about power back to the consumer at Snö. “Shake it your way” is the tagline, and there’s everything from Reese’s Peanut butter cups to Jaffa cakes… Lychees to Bananas… even Red bean and Grass Jelly to create just about any shake under the sun you fancy.

…the brainchilds behind Snö

The real stroke of genius here has to be their purpose-built, interactive iPad app menus which are mounted on the counter of the podium. Choose from their countless selection of premium chocolates, freshly cut fruit or other local delicacies to build up your own shake from scratch. If all the choice is all too much to take in, you can opt instead for a selection of the already test-driven house-combos.

Snö’s ingenious iPad app – the next generation of menus

…too much choice is never a bad thing

For those of you who go weak in the knees for classic ice-cream based milk shakes and all things McFlurry-esque, you will love their thick, luscious Snöshakes which come in both vanilla as well as green-tea base flavours. Their “SnoXcitement” house combo (Green Tea ice-cream, Toblerone, Jaffa cakes and nuts) which we sampled was a mind-boggling, roller-coaster of flavours. Who would have thought the zingy citrus kick from the jaffa cakes and savoury crunch from the nuts would work with green-tea ice-cream. Playfully delicious, but a little too rich for my own tastes to down an entire cup on my own.

Less of a sweet-tooth myself, I opted for their frozen yoghurt base to concoct my own creation of Strawberries, Horlicks, Muesli, Cornflakes and Honey. Fine, maybe the breakfast-fest of ingredients I chose was a leeeetle bit overkill, but i still enjoyed every bit of it, especially the soothing, malt flavour of the Horlicks. (Ho Ho Ho.).

Guan’S(nö) – coming to a Snö near you?

For all the thought, blood and sweat that has been put into the venture, I really hope things take off for Snö. With a second KL outlet already on the cards, the Snöball effect already looks to be well on its way.

Go Snö!


Snö @ Pavillion Kuala Lumpur, Level (Lot P1.09.02) | | slurped Mar 25th 2011