The Bratwurst (Soho): Currywurst Craving. CHECK.

Ever since my trip to Berlin last year and discovering the holy institution which is Curry 36, I occasionally find myself waking up with a monster craving for the king of all Berliner street food… CURRYWURST! Thankfully, there was no need to fly all the way to Berlin just to quell a craving. I had an invitation from the lovely folks from The-Bratwurst to stop by their Soho joint to sample their gourmet, award-winning wursts…

The-Bratwurst @ Berwick Street, Soho

Occupying a modest lot in Soho near the Oxford-end of Berwick street, The-Bratwurst is more a grab-n-go / eat-at-the-counter place rather than sit-down restaurant. There are a couple booths and some stools along the counter for those looking to linger a little longer. With single wursts starting at £2.95 to more substanstial meal deals for just over a fiver, it’s a great budget option for a light snack or for those on a full-blown Currywurst crusade.

My mind was made up even before I got there. It just had to be a Double Currywurst meal for me, so one Traditional and one Beef Bratwurst it was. I like my wursts plump and meaty, with a proper *ummmph* to them and The-Bratwurst’s sausages were exactly that. The Beef sausage was especially good… the spicy beef and pork filling had a great carnivorous bite to it and the rich flavour of the meat worked well with the curry-powder spiked gravy. Though comforting and well-balanced, I thought the sauce lacked that extra kick you often find at the best Berlin joints (there’s something uncanny about the curry powder they use there…)

Double Currywurst Meal (PHHWOAAR!!) – £6.95

If you’re not one for Bratwurst, there are Schnitzels and Hamburgers (Frikadelle) on offer as well. Their Hunter Schnitzel, served with a rich, savoury mushroom sauce was very decent. The golden brown, bread-crumbed coat of the Pork Escalope was crisp and well-seasoned… far better than the soggy, greasy kind you can sometimes get. The friendly waitress behind the counter also offered us a side of their “Gypsy” sauce to try. This red bell pepper based concoction was the real winner… the contrasting sweet flavour brought out the meatiness of the Schnitzel beautifully.

Hunter Schnitzel Meal (with sauerkraut) – £5.95

All in all, it was happy days. Even the freshly fried chips and sauerkraut on the side were on the ball. All that was missing was a local Berliner beer to wash all the goodness down (shame, they don’t seem to have an alcohol license). Nonetheless, it’s still a worthy pit stop if you’re ever in Soho and feeling a little peckish. I for one will certainly be heading straight in that direction the next time I need my Currywurst fix….


38 Berwick Street, Soho, W1F 8RT | | Fri May 11th 2012

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