Manchester Xmas Markets: Revisited

The better half and I have just come back from our annual weekend pilgrimage up to Manchester for their Christmas Markets. I’ll keep this one short as this was our 3rd time round (you will find my post from last year here). As per previous years though, the goal was simple – we were looking to be Bratwurst-ed, Goulash-ed and Gluhwein-ed out…

Bratwurst craving… CHECK.

Goulash craving… CHECK. Gluhwein craving… CHECK.

In addition to the usual suspects though, there was one other item on our hitlist this time round. The much raved about…

…Manchester Egg! (served here with Traditional Black Peas)

Created by local hero Ben Holden, the now legendary Manchester Egg has exploded in popularity in the north, seeking to become what the Pasty is to Cornwall… what the Pork Pie is to Melton Mowbray. What’s all the fuss about you ask? Well for starters, the egg is pickled as opposed to fresh. Also, the customary layer of sausage meat has been spiked with Black Pudding.

The verdict?… for me, the Black pudding is definitely a nice addition, giving the sausage meat an added richness and uuuumph depth of flavour-wise. What doesn’t quite cut it for me is the pickled egg (my first ever). With a strange, zingy acidity and texture akin to overcooked rubber, forgive me Mancunians but it ain’t quite my cup of tea.

Manchester Xmas Markets @ Albert Square

Strange scotch eggs and unreliable weather aside (it was wet and soggy all weekend long unfortunately…), I still think Manchester has the best Christmas market you will find anywhere within the UK. Definitely worth a visit if you are looking somewhere (outside of continental Europe that is) to quell those Christmas market food cravings.