Hawksmoor Brunch revisited: still the best way to kickstart a weekend

** Regretfully, Hawksmoor Spitalfields have since done away with their weekend Brunch menu. It seems with the launch of their new bar menu in March 2012, something needed to give. Brunchers (myself included) will eternally mourn the loss of one of the London’s best. For what it’s worth, they still do a mean Burger and Pork Chop for weekend lunch… **

When it comes to guilty weekend food pleasures, there are few things that can top Hawksmoor’s Big Breakfast. Thick-cut Bacon chops… rich, melt in the mouth bone marrow… meaty sausages… black pudding… roast tomatoes… portobello mushrooms… eggs sunny side-up… hash… and unlimited sourdough toast (dipped in lovely beef dripping). It’s really quite big (‘for 2 to share’ it says, but easily shared amongst 3 if you ask me) and carnivorously glorious. Add to that a good, strong cuppa coffee with their ingenious Cornflake milkshake and what you have is a very happy recipe for the perfect brunch.

The Hawksmoor Big Breakfast

Cornflake Milkshake

…a good strong cuppa’

I’ve blogged about Hawksmoor before (you’ll find my previous post here), but it’s still simply the best way to kickstart a lazy weekend afternoon (if you can still move after taking down their Big Breakfast that is).


157 Commercial Street, Spitalfields E1 | thehawksmoor.co.uk | brunched July 30th 2011

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