Chilli Pan Mee @ Super Kitchen

I’m told by my sister and her boyfriend C that this is the latest must-have street food craze to seize KL… a fiery bowl of Chilli Pan Mee. And one of the places to sample the hottest dish in town is at Super Kitchen. With upwards of 6 branches across Kuala Lumpur and beyond, they’ve certainly laid their claim as one of the originators of the craze and have helped to put Chilli Pan Mee on the map in the city.

Chilli Pan Mee (before mixing); Inset: Potato leaf soup and  ‘Umbra’ & Sour Plum juice

Curiously, it seems the concept of the Chilli Pan Mee was indeed born in KL itself. A spin-off from the more traditional, eggy, anchovy and potato leaf soup-based Pan Mee, it’s essentially the same noodles at play… minus the soup and the potato leaves that is (this is served up in a separate side bowl). Instead, in this dry-style “kwan lo” noodle, you will find generous toppings of deep-fried anchovies, crispy shallots, minced pork and a poached egg. And on every table, you will find a tub of their their mightily spicy dried chilli paste for you to add and mix into the noodles to your heart’s content.

Chilli Pan Mee (after mixing)

The verdict? This really is a chilli-lover’s dream come true. When the chilli paste, runny egg yolk and other crispy condiments are mixed together, it forms an addictively fiery and savoury sauce which bathes the springy noodles. Dee-licious. Just be sure to have a glassful of their guava-like ‘Umbra’ juice with sour plum to quell the fire.

I’m not sure the Chilli Pan Mee can jostle with regional heavy-weights such as Penang’s Char Koay Teow or Ipoh’s Ngar Choy Kai just yet. But at least, the capital city now has a trademark dish it can stand behind and call it’s own.

p.s. Be careful not to overdo the chilli. What goes in, also tends to come out (the other end that is…). Judging by the amount of chilli paste some of the neighbouring tables were mixing into their noodles, I imagine its worth the pain of the next day.


3-1, Jalan PJU 5/4, Kota Damansara, 47810, P.J., Selangor | | Sunday Mar 13th