One-cancelled-LHR-KUL-flight, a-Failed-Boeing-747-engine, 300-very-Confused-Passengers, Several-even-more-confused-Airline-Ground-Staff and A-Whole-twentyfour-hours-of-twidling-thumbs-in-Heathrow-later, I’m finally back home in the Motherland… scarred with having to spend both Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner AND Valentine’s Day at the sterility of the ParkInnHotel somewhere in the middle of… Continue reading

Il Bordello.

81 Wapping High Street, E1W 2YG | 020 7481 9950 | ingested Fri 29th January If there is one reason worth venturing out to the cobble-stoned roads of isolated Wapping, its this bustling,… Continue reading


24.years.young. Chorizo.PiquilloPeppers.Toasties. Hommous.Pomegranate.Mint. Brie.Chutney.OatCakes. Kofta.Tzatziki.Cucumber. Becks.Brahma.Groslch. PlumWine.GaviDiGavi.PenfoldsShiraz. Hibiscus.Bellini.Hangovers. Wii.Band.Hero. Here’s to the nights we felt alive. Thanks all for a great 24th. G.


If there’s one thing I love more than the act of cooking itself, its a relaxed, therapeutic session of prepping great ingredients and seeing a large chopping board, choca-block full of lovelies in… Continue reading


67 Charing Cross Rd, WC2 | malaysiakopitiam.co.uk | ingested Sun 17th Jan ‘10 If it weren’t for the large Malaysian flag banners flying outside this modest caff, you could easily miss this little… Continue reading


  Marne-la-Vallee-Chessy, Paris 48°85’N, 02°77’W | disneylandparis.co.uk | Jan 2nd-4th 2010 I’d never been to Disneyland before. The truth is that I’ve never been big on theme parks since being traumatized as a… Continue reading


Gammon cooked in Coke? Sounds like a cringe-worthy combination (believe me, the first time Jo tested out this Nigella Lawson recipe on me, I too was skeptical). But if you dare to take… Continue reading


52°29’N, 01°52’W | http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/frankfurtmarket | Saturday Dec 19th’ 09 With Christmas just round the corner, it was that time of the year again to quell the Bratwurst and Gluhwein cravings. Why Birmingham you… Continue reading


No. 3 Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery (**now relocated to 3 Redchurch Strt, E2 7DJ) | Saturday brunched on Nov 21st ‘09 Thin crust or thick crust pizza? For me, pizza is all… Continue reading


Snowden Street, London EC2 | lanima.co.uk | ingested Oct 17th ’09 I’m a firm believer that the best time to catch a restaurant at its prime is not when its already been showered… Continue reading


26 Hanbury Street, Spitalfields | nudeespresso.com | savoured on 21st Nov ‘09 Almost every morning at work (at about 920 AM) you will find me in the pantry area playing barista, trying to… Continue reading


58 Great Marlborough St, Soho | http://www.ranrestaurant.com | ingested Saturday Oct 24th ‘09 Every once in a while, a restaurant pisses me off enough to warrant a bit of a Ran(ting). I’ll tell… Continue reading


2-4 Boundary Street, Shoreditch | theboundary.co.uk | ingested Oct 23rd ‘09 Terence Conran’s latest project in the heart of Shoreditch is a restaurant-boutique hotel-café-and-rooftop terrace, all packaged within a polished Victorian Warehouse. The… Continue reading

PignaSecca Market.

  Montesanto, Naples | 40°51′N, 14°17′E | November 2009 Naples is a love it or hate it city. Don’t expect to find the usual archetypal piazzas, flower-lined verandas or quaint, world heritage sights.… Continue reading


9 Brewer Street, Soho W1F | http://www.ifancyasnog.com | ingested the night of Oct 24th ’09 This was the first time Jo and myself had a snog. I must confess though, it was actually… Continue reading


Chapter 1: Pilpel. 36, Brushfield Street, Spitalfields | http://www.pilpel.co.uk | ingested Sunday Oct 18th ’09 It was 2pm already and we were still Sunday brunch-less. Although the original plan for that afternoon was… Continue reading

Flavours of the Aegean.

Santorini, Greece | 36°23’N, 25°27’E | August 2009 As the days get shorter and a little colder in London, I’m finding myself looking back at the summer that’s come and gone for some… Continue reading


Halkin Street, SW1 | http://www.halkin.como.bz/eat-and-drink/nahm | ingested Oct 10th ’09 Nahm has been on my hitlist for the longest time now. Call it curiosity with a hint skepticism, but having been nurtured on… Continue reading


26-29 Dean Street, Soho W1 | http://www.quovadissoho.co.uk | ingested Friday Oct 9th ’09 Traipsing along Dean Street, its impossible to miss this timeless Soho landmark – still accessorized in its classic, vintage neon… Continue reading

Cafe East.

100 Redriff Road, Surrey Quays, SE16 7LH | 020-7252-1212 | ingested 4 times in ’09 so far If you’re looking for great Vietnamese Street food off the beaten track, this slick South-East London… Continue reading