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theboywhoatetheworld cooks: Kiam Hu Kut Gulai (Nyonya salted fish bone curry)

Kiam hu kut gulai (salted fish bone curry) has got to be one of my ultimate favourite Malaysian Nyonya curries. It has been one of our family meal staples for as long as I… Continue reading

theboywhoatetheworld cooks: Bacon Banana French Toast

My idea of the perfect, home-cooked weekend brunch is something quick & easy that’s big on taste… something you can whip up even in the most tired or hung-over of states. Here’s a… Continue reading

theboywhoatetheworld cooks: Tuna Pasta with Vine-ripened tomatoes, Anchovies, Olives and Basil

Some of my favourite recipes tend to be the simplest ones. And when it comes to simple recipes, few can compete with the man from down-under Bill Granger. I’m a big big Bill… Continue reading

theboywhoatetheworld cooks: 5-spice Honey Roast Chicken with Momofuku Octo Vinaigrette

I love it when I stumble upon a recipe that I just know I will be cooking up time and time again after the first pilot run. And if there’s one oh-so-simple recipe… Continue reading

theboywhoatetheworld bakes: the humble Chinese New Year Peanut Cookie

To usher in the year of the dragon, I thought it would be fitting to bake my favourite Chinese New Year cookie of them all… the humble Peanut Cookie. I recall gorging on… Continue reading

theboywhoatetheworld cooks: Slow-cooked Lamb Shanks in Harissa and Red Wine

Ironically, the first post I find myself writing in 2012 is actually about the last meal I cooked up in 2011. For a few years running now, I’ve continued to boycott eating out… Continue reading

theboywhoatetheworld cooks: Mee Siam (Spicy Rice Vermicelli)

As London enters deeper into the winter months and temperatures start to dip, I find myself turning to the chilli-based recipes of home for warmth. One such dish I often fall back on… Continue reading

theboywhoatetheworld and Jo cook: Squid Ink Spaghetti with Mussels and Scallops

If you’re looking for a quick, presto mid-week supper, it doesn’t get faster cooking-wise than mussels. Apart from the debearding and cleaning of the mussels that can take a wee bit of time,… Continue reading

Levi Roots’ style Jerk Chicken

I think the Levi Roots story is an incredibly inspiring one for any budding food entrepreneur. It’s pretty amazing to see what the man has done with his brand to date ever since… Continue reading

Bloody Mary Fish Stew

I woke up today craving for a good ol’ Bloody Mary… the type with a perfectly balanced, heart-warming blend of Spicy Tomato juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire (and a kick-ass glug of bitter-sweet Vodka… Continue reading

Kimchi Glass Noodles

It’s a little embarrassing, but i quite often find myself being spoken to in Korean.  It’s hilarious… for that split second, i get to see that twinkle in a complete stranger’s eyes as… Continue reading

Project Macaron – Take 2: C’est un désastre

When I embarked on Project Macaron earlier this year, I promised that I would share a no holds barred account of all the tears and failures in my quest for the perfect home-made Macaron.… Continue reading

Project Macaron

Today, armed with piping bag in one hand and Jill Colonna’s Mad about Macarons in the other, I made my first ever Macaron at home – embarking on what is undoubtedly going to be… Continue reading

Tomato Salsa

I’ve started to develop a real soft spot for Mexican food and cookery. The flurry of openings of great Mexican Street food eateries such as Boho Mexica, Lupita and Wahaca have really put… Continue reading

Caldo Verde

I admit, I’ve never been a big Nigel Slater fan. Lately though, some of his simple, hearty supper recipes are starting to win me over. This Portuguese Kale and Potato broth recipe is a… Continue reading

XinJiang Style Lamb Chops

If there was one thing I didn’t do enough in 2010, it was trying my hand at new cuisines at home. It’s not that I didn’t do any home-cooking at all last year.… Continue reading

Xmas Potluck Feast.

Some shots from a terrific Xmas Eve potluck feast at my place last night. Kudos to everyone who made the night happen and thanks for all the food, booze and great company! Some… Continue reading


Gammon cooked in Coke? Sounds like a cringe-worthy combination (believe me, the first time Jo tested out this Nigella Lawson recipe on me, I too was skeptical). But if you dare to take… Continue reading


33 Woodstock Rd, Golders Green | | Attended 20th Sept ’09 Word has it that the traditional Japanese Sushi chefs of old would have spent a total of 5 years in their… Continue reading