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Lockdown Recipe Series: 3 pastas with Nduja – Mascarpone & Lemon, Tomato Fennel Sausage & Romesco Squid

This week’s lockdown recipe series is all about Nduja – Calabria’s spicy, spreadable pork salume and one of my ultimate favourite ingredients to have on standby in the fridge! Its deep savoury flavour and… Continue reading

Lockdown Recipe Series: 3 street food favourites with Lap Cheong – Cheat’s Claypot Rice, Glass Noodles & Char Koay Teow

If there’s one type of food I’ve craved this lockdown period in London more than anything else, it would be the street food of home and the rest of South East Asia. This… Continue reading

Lockdown Recipe Series: 3 Noodles with Tinned Sardines – Laksa, Pasta and Soba!

Staying on the theme of simplified lockdown recipes, this next one in the series celebrates my favourite of all the humble tinned fish – SARDINES! Nutritious, budget-friendly, meaty and packing a punch in… Continue reading