58 Great Marlborough St, Soho | http://www.ranrestaurant.com | ingested Saturday Oct 24th ‘09 Every once in a while, a restaurant pisses me off enough to warrant a bit of a Ran(ting). I’ll tell… Continue reading


2-4 Boundary Street, Shoreditch | theboundary.co.uk | ingested Oct 23rd ‘09 Terence Conran’s latest project in the heart of Shoreditch is a restaurant-boutique hotel-café-and-rooftop terrace, all packaged within a polished Victorian Warehouse. The… Continue reading

PignaSecca Market.

  Montesanto, Naples | 40°51′N, 14°17′E | November 2009 Naples is a love it or hate it city. Don’t expect to find the usual archetypal piazzas, flower-lined verandas or quaint, world heritage sights.… Continue reading


9 Brewer Street, Soho W1F | http://www.ifancyasnog.com | ingested the night of Oct 24th ’09 This was the first time Jo and myself had a snog. I must confess though, it was actually… Continue reading


Chapter 1: Pilpel. 36, Brushfield Street, Spitalfields | http://www.pilpel.co.uk | ingested Sunday Oct 18th ’09 It was 2pm already and we were still Sunday brunch-less. Although the original plan for that afternoon was… Continue reading

Flavours of the Aegean.

Santorini, Greece | 36°23’N, 25°27’E | August 2009 As the days get shorter and a little colder in London, I’m finding myself looking back at the summer that’s come and gone for some… Continue reading


Halkin Street, SW1 | http://www.halkin.como.bz/eat-and-drink/nahm | ingested Oct 10th ’09 Nahm has been on my hitlist for the longest time now. Call it curiosity with a hint skepticism, but having been nurtured on… Continue reading


26-29 Dean Street, Soho W1 | http://www.quovadissoho.co.uk | ingested Friday Oct 9th ’09 Traipsing along Dean Street, its impossible to miss this timeless Soho landmark – still accessorized in its classic, vintage neon… Continue reading

Cafe East.

100 Redriff Road, Surrey Quays, SE16 7LH | 020-7252-1212 | ingested 4 times in ’09 so far If you’re looking for great Vietnamese Street food off the beaten track, this slick South-East London… Continue reading


(**unfortunately, since writing this post, SpaccaNapoli has since closed down) 101 Dean Street, Soho W1 | http://www.spaccanapoli.co.uk | ingested twice in ’09 A stone’s throw off the chaos of Oxford Street, it would… Continue reading


42 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel | http://www.maedahgrill.net | ingested once a month We discovered this east-end gem a couple years ago when we first moved to the area. Ironically, what made us venture through… Continue reading


roast rack of lamb with a worcester, honey, thyme and garlic marinade serves 3 There’s nothing better than a good ol’ home-cooked Sunday Dinner. I find the process truly therapeutic…there isn’t the same… Continue reading


153 Commercial Street, Spitalfields | http://www.bohomexica.co.uk | ingested Sept 19th ’09 Judging from pre-lunch whispers of “…Burrito?” on the office floor and the relentless queue of addicts stretching along the pavement outside Chilango’s… Continue reading


48 St. John’s Square | http://www.themodernpantry.co.uk | ingested 19th Sept 2009 I’m not one for big breakfasts or early mornings usually (unless I’m forced to of course). Frankly, I’m not sure which hero… Continue reading


33 Woodstock Rd, Golders Green | http://www.sushischool.co.uk | Attended 20th Sept ’09 Word has it that the traditional Japanese Sushi chefs of old would have spent a total of 5 years in their… Continue reading

La Creperie de Hampstead

77, Hampstead High St | http://www.hampsteadcreperie.com | ingested Sept 20th 2009 You’re probably thinking “why the long queue?” (…even the little JackRussell seems to be patiently waiting in line for his turn). However,… Continue reading


| Borough High Street | http://www.boroughmarket.org.uk | ingested at least bi-monthly | London‘s oldest food market is a foodie’s dream, its origins dating back to the time of the Romans where she stood… Continue reading


| 152c Brick Lane, London | http://www.thebrickhouse.co.uk | ingested 11th Sep ’09 | Amidst the buzz emanating from Shoreditch’s vibrant bars and the shouts of Banglatown’s curry salesmen promising free Cobra on the… Continue reading


fresh egg spaghetti with prawns, scallops, cherry tomatoes and rocket serves 3-4 There are 2 bibles of Italian cookery that sit on my bookshelf with recipes so good I will swear by them… Continue reading


  | Strandgade 93, Copenhagen | http://www.noma.dk | ingested 8th June ’09 | There are only a small handful of restaurants in the world which are regarded as true temples of gastronomy. In… Continue reading