Project Macaron – Take 2: C’est un désastre

When I embarked on Project Macaron earlier this year, I promised that I would share a no holds barred account of all the tears and failures in my quest for the perfect home-made Macaron. Here I present to thee the sequel. I must warn you to brace yourselves though because its a serious blooper reel of how not to bake. If there was a tribunal to prosecute crimes towards the Macaron, I would probably be served with a life-long ban from ever making them ever again.

What when so wrong this time around you ask?

For some reason, despite how blimmin’ long I spent whisking the egg-whites, they just didn’t want to rise properly and remained a thin, watery mess. Hence, what resulted was a macaron mixture that was just far too wet to work with. I don’t even know why I even bothered to go through the pain of filling the piping bag and baking them. No pretty “feet” this time around… Just montrous looking pac-men that seemed more interested in devouring their neighbours than rising.

I so knew when I managed to get decent shells first time around it was complete beginner’s luck.

I will not give up. (Yet).