No. 3 Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery (**now relocated to 3 Redchurch Strt, E2 7DJ) | Saturday brunched on Nov 21st ‘09

Thin crust or thick crust pizza? For me, pizza is all about the topping. I am a thin-crust clan member through and through. Thick crusts are just not my thing… a reminder of the soggy, mass produced Pizza-Hut-kind I endured at children’s parties where many a pizza crust were often left behind, completely uneaten.

Goat’s Cheese and Parma Ham pizza

StoryDeli’s pizzas however are one of a kind. They are a far cry from the Pizza Hut or Domino’s variety. Neither are they anything close to the traditional Italian or Neapolitan sort. The crusts here are crisp and wafer thin… light as a feather and almost filo-pastry like in texture and crunch. And here, it really is all about the topping. Served on large-square rustic plywood chopping boards, the pizzas here are loaded with all sorts of lovelies – from parma ham to chorizo, buffalo mozzarella to goats cheese, roasted peppers, olives, capers, the works. And buckets of rocket to accompany.

Chorizo and Pumpkin

The Chorizo and pumpkin is by far my absolute favourite here. Served with mozzarella, roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes, olives and red onion, the flavours and textures are just sensational… the moist, sweet pumpkin balancing out the other bold savoury elements beautifully. The Parma ham, goat’s cheese and mushroom pizza was less impressive. Slightly dry and overly-savoury, it was a little one dimensional and in desperate need of some sweet tomatoes or roasted peppers to balance out the goat’s cheese.

What I like most about StoryDeli is the feel of the place – cozy, rustic and thoroughly organic. You sit on recycled-cardboard-box-cum-stools (which you can take away for £12) around long communal, rough-hewn timber tables, sharing bottles of home-made extra virgin chilli oil and pizza-cutters with other East-enders and sipping organically brewed lagers and Luscombe juices. It’s the perfect place for an overdue catch-up with an old friend and the floor to ceiling windows facing the hustle-bustle of Dray Walk mean you can wile an entire afternoon away watching the buzz of Brick Lane go by.

An East-end gem and definitely worth a visit for a long, lazy weekend lunch.

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