9 Brewer Street, Soho W1F | | ingested the night of Oct 24th ’09

This was the first time Jo and myself had a snog. I must confess though, it was actually my second time… The first was actually a spontaneous post dim-sum affair with Jin, YiRong and Victor over the summer.

A SnogGreen Tea Snog Special with Red Bean, Mochi and Pomegranate (£4.75)

Puns aside, I can easily see how a Snog could become one’s everyday guilty pleasure. At just 89 calories per 100g of frozen yoghurt, it fancies itself as a treat that’s actually healthy. Choose between natural, green tea or chocolate for the frozen yoghurt base. But don’t be fooled though… what they conveniently forget to calorify are their many naughty toppings. Yes there are some healthy fruit and nut options, but with brownies, cookies, red bean and mochi amongst others to choose from (as well as a new launched range of hot toppings such as apple crumble), forgive me father for I will most definitely be sinning here.

Inside a Snog copyHave a Snog @ Soho

The thing I love most about this place is that it’s guaranteed to make you relive your childhood all over again. The hot pink deco and technicolour lighting is as fun as the witty catchphrases and toy-instruction-manual-like menu board. It’s a cookie jar raid plus first date all in one and completely reminiscent of the TCBY (“The Country’s Best Yogurt”) frozen yoghurt I used to have as a kid outside Toys’R’Us in City Square.

Snog in TechnicolourSnog in Technicolour

The all-day queues are a testament to the wonders which savvy branding and a catchy tag-line can do for a product, albeit simple. Hakuna Matata.